Southbank Sweater by Holly

Southbank Sweater by Holly


I must admit that my main motivation for sewing at the moment is warmth! Whether I am at the ice rink with my boys or outside in the current chilly Winter weather, I'm, always cold. When I saw this gorgeous French Terry, I knew it was perfect. I keep trying to get some plain basics into my wardrobe, but I'm always drawn to patterns. I love bright florals and unusual prints.

I wanted something that I could wear over skinny jeans or leggings because when you're bending down tying skates or packing away sweaty hockey kit, you need something comfy and practical. I like the Nina Lee sweater dress as it's quite quick to sew up and comfy to wear, best of all, it has pockets (perfect for the little boy junk I get given and told to keep hold of!) I've not tried the actual sweater versions before, but they're definitely on my list. I have made two other Southbank Sweater dresses and changed the length each time. I found that when I looked at the pattern pieces it was obvious that the length would be too long and the pockets would be nearer my knees. I do have quite a short body and long legs, so often have to adjust things accordingly. With the first sweater dress I made I shortened the body by about the width of the hem band and placed bottom of the pockets about 2cm down from the notch for the top of the existing pocket placement. I did the same with this one and feel the length worked out pretty well.

Another adjustment I made was in the sleeve length. As I have already mentioned, I have strangely long limbs for a petite person and find that a lot of high street clothes come up short in the arms (or legs) especially in small sizes. I like the cuffs to cover my wrists and now I make my own clothes, I always extend the arm length. Generally it is only by an inch or two, factoring in the seam allowances within this. I made a size ten of this pattern, I could have graded in at the bust and hips, but I wanted it roomy and comfortable, so I cut the size as it was.

I was really pleased with how this turned out and I've already worn it lots. I can definitely see me adding few more of these to my wardrobe.

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