Faux-Suede Yantas

Faux-Suede Yantas


When I saw this petrol faux-suede on the Loubodu website I knew I had come across something special. I loved the oversized rose pattern and the way the colours worked together, and I thought the cross stitch design was really sweet. When the fabric arrived however, I was really surprised to discover that the roses weren’t just printed on, as I had assumed from looking at the fabric online, it was actually stitched through the fabric and the roses were embroidered on. I think this shows what great quality the fabric is.

Initially I couldn’t decide how to use this fabric to best show it off. I did consider a jacket – something along the lines of a Morris blazer could have been beautiful, but as I haven’t made one before and didn’t have time to toile it, I decided against it. I then thought about a skirt but couldn’t settle on a pattern. In the end, I decided what was the most important was to make something that I would get a lot of wear from.

I made a pair of plain grey denim Yanta overalls last summer, which were also cropped to be shorts length, and I really enjoyed wearing them and found them comfortable yet pretty. I cut out this set in the same size, although there isn’t much stretch in this fabric. I omitted the side zip as last time, but I think the reduced stretch means that I could have done with including the zip as I do have to do a bit of a wiggly dance to get in and out of them! Once they are on however, they fit nicely and I wore them at the weekend for a dog walk in the Easter sunshine.

I tried to plan my pattern placement as I knew I wanted a flower to be on my front pocket (which, incidentally, I flipped so the pocket faces the opposite way to what the pattern calls for). I didn’t include the other front pockets but did include the back ones. Apart from deliberately cutting that front pocket to be mainly flower, I cut the rest of the fabric quite randomly, which has mean that I have the majority of the roses on the centre front and back seams.

The fabric was easy to sew with, I used a regular woven needle and I did press hems and so on with the iron, but I was carefully not to hold it on for too long to avoid damaging the pile of the fabric. I overlocked raw edges to create a neat and strong finish and again had no issues using this fabric with my overlocker. I did of course prewash and I was pleased with how well the fabric laundered and dried. Overall, I am really happy with these overalls and I think I will get a lot of wear from them over the spring and summer. I like the flexibility of being able to layer them with tights and a long sleeved top but also being able to switch to bare legs, a t-shirt or even vest and pumps or flats. I haven’t yet seen anybody on my feed make anything with this fabric but I can’t wait to see how other people choose to use it.